[Single] Ado – Chocolat Cadabra

Ado – Chocolat Cadabra

Chocolat Cadabra (ショコラカタブラ) is a digital single by Ado released by Virgin Music on January 31, 2024. It was featured as the 60th anniversary commercial song for Lotte Chocolate.

Artist Ado
Title Ado – ショコラカタブラ
Format Rar/Flac/Mp3
Released Date January 31st, 2024

The song “Chocolat Cadabra” is a perfect addition to any music lover’s playlist. However, it serves as Ado’s latest single for the year 2024.

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The song is impressive with its ever-changing singing voice and dance sound. It was composed and arranged by TAKU INOUE, with lyrics by Camellia[2]. About the song, Ado said, “I sang the song with the image of the contrast between melted sweet and bitter. I think the song is finished with a variety of tastes, like chocolate”. The song has more than one genre, it is a contrast as Ado said.

About Artist

  • Ado is a Japanese singer. In 2020, at the age of 17, she made her debut with the digital single titled “Usseewa”, which peaked at number 1 on Billboard Japan Hot 100, Oricon Digital Singles Chart, and the Oricon Streaming Chart.

Listen below.