YOASOBI Goes Global with New EP, “E-SIDE 3”

Japanese cultural curators and musical wizards YOASOBI make a comeback with E-SIDE 3. With eight tracks, including the popular song “Idol” and an English translation of “Biri Biri,” it is their third English album. Under the moniker YOASOBI, the band is composed of the brilliant composer Ayase and the endearing vocalist Ikura.

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Release Date: 2024.04.12

They got their name from the kanji “yo (夜)” and “asobi (遊び),” which mean “nightlife” or “nighttime play.” It represents their dual goals as collaborators at night and independent artists throughout the day, according to Ayase (1).

About 2020, YOASOBI began to become well-known for their innovative and modern approach to music-making. They started off releasing songs that were based on short stories before branching out to include novels and movies. YOASOBI has become well-known in Japan after holding the top spot on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 for 22 weeks in a row.

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The duo has also achieved global acclaim, recently debuting to a full audience at Coachella and set to perform at Lollapalooza this summer. YOASOBI continues pushing boundaries within and beyond music by blending sounds from pop, rock, and electronic genres. These captivating qualities shine through each track of E-SIDE 3, sure to satisfy fans and new listeners alike.

First is “Biri Biri,” a cute track that blends drum and bass with trap, sprinkled with sound effects from the beloved Pokémon franchise. The lyrics speak of a lively adventure, referring to the game with terms such as “battle” and “electric hit.” It is based on the novel After the Rain With You, which celebrates the first anniversary of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (2).

Listen below