Cost of Living in Bangor for Students

North Wales’s energetic coastal city of Bangor is close to prestigious universities and has an inexpensive cost of living. The city is home to Bangor University, a renowned establishment that was founded in 1884 and is recognized as one of the best universities in the United Kingdom. Since the average monthly cost of living in Bangor is between £1,200 and £1,700, it is important for students to arrange their finances carefully while studying in this quaint UK city.

The goal of this resource is to provide prospective Bangor students with a thorough understanding of the range of costs associated with attending this university.

Cost Of Living In Bangor

The cost of living in Bangor is made up of several expenses like accommodation, food, dining out, and other ancillary charges. To provide a thorough idea, the following table shows each person’s average monthly expenses:

Expense Monthly Cost (£)
Off-campus Accommodation 468
On-campus Accommodation 1023
Transportation 90
Food 441
Entertainment 24
Groceries 116
Clothes 90
Total Cost of Living with Off-campus Accommodation (Per month) 1,229
Total Cost of Living with On-campus Accommodation (Per month) 1,784

Note: The costs mentioned above may fluctuate and are subject to change.

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Bangor Cost Of Living For Indian Students

The total cost of living in Bangor includes expenses for housing, food, transportation, and other necessities. To paint a clear picture, the following chart lists the various expenses Indian students studying in Bangalore can anticipate.

Expense Monthly Cost (INR)
Off-Campus Accommodation 49,149
On-campus Accommodation 107,435
Transportation 9,451
Food 46,312
Entertainment 2,520
Groceries 12,186
Clothes 9,455
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation (Per month) 129,116
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation (Per month) 187,438

Note: The costs mentioned above may fluctuate and are subject to change.

Cost Of Tuition Fees

Cost of Living in Bangor for Students In 2024

Depending on the program, Bangor University’s annual tuition costs might range from £16,500 to £21,200. Annually, postgraduate costs come to about £17,200. Undergraduate tuition at the Wrexham Glyndwr University Bangor campus is from £12,500 to £14,500 annually. These costs, however, may change depending on the subject you enroll in at the university.

Cost Of Student Accommodation In Bangor

The prices of student accommodation in Bangor can vary depending on factors such as location, amenities, and the type of housing. Purpose-built student accommodations, which are often inclusive of the utility bills can range from approximately £100 to £199 per week, depending on the property type.

Bangor Accommodation
Particular Student Accommodation Private Accommodation University Accommodation
Cost 100-199 GBP/Per per week 250 GBP/Per Week + Utility bills (If not inclusive of the rent) 200 GBP/Per week
Safety These are gated communities with utmost safety & all facilities included like CCTV, biometric entrance, etc It depends on the landlord and area These are on the university campus with all the safety precautions
Utility Bills Included Not Included Included
Home Insurance Included in rent 192 GBP per year Included in rent
Proximity University Walking distance to campus Depends on area Inside/nearby Universities
Other Amenities Mostly all amenities are included like Wi-Fi, microwave, electric stove, fridge, etc. Based on landlord/location Mostly all amenities are included like Wi-Fi, microwave, electric stove, fridge, etc.

Student Accommodations In Bangor

Bangor offers a large selection of possibilities for student housing. The options are numerous, ranging from private rentals to on-campus housing. The following are some of the top options for off-campus student living in Bangor that you ought to think about:

For a smooth experience, you can reserve these dorm rooms through UniAcco. The cost of these specially designed student accommodation choices ranges from £100 to £199 per week.

Cost Of Transport

Cost of Living in Bangor for Students In 2024

Bangor offers easy connectivity to the major university campuses along with convenient transportation alternatives to travel within and around the city, such as:

Bus: Arriva Buses operates frequent services throughout Bangor and to nearby towns.  Single fares start at £2 for short journeys. Students can purchase a termly Arriva Student Saver ticket for around £250, allowing unlimited travel.

Trains: Within Wales. trains run frequently to nearby cities like Llandudno and Rhyl. An off-peak return ticket costs around £5.

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Bike: Cycling is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to commute to shorter distances. With respect to Santander Cycles, for rides longer than 30 minutes, you will have to pay £1.65 for each additional 30 minutes.

Cost Of Food And Groceries

Cost of Living in Bangor for Students In 2024

Asda, Tesco, Aldi, and Lidl are just a few of the reasonably priced retailers in Bangor where students may restock on necessities.

Students can set aside between £25 and £35 each week for groceries, which enables them to prepare affordable meals at home. A student ID card can frequently be used to receive discounts.

Bangor has a wide selection of reasonably priced restaurants and takeout options for individuals who would rather eat outside. A dinner from well-known restaurants like Subway or Greggs would run you between £5 and £7. Numerous cafés and bars have reasonably priced lunch specials ranging from £6 to £10.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Grooming services will cost around £10 – £15, while a gym membership is roughly £25 per month for students. Health care costs are minimal, as NHS services are free for UK residents after a one-time annual fee. For entertainment, Bangor offers multiple options, like events and live music at pubs for under £10 entry.

Is Bangor Expensive To Live For Students?

While Bangor may not be the most affordable city in the UK for students, it offers a relatively reasonable cost of living compared to larger metropolitan areas. Additionally, there are many scholarships that offer financial assistance for students to cover their educational expenses, which contribute to a major chunk of the costs. Factors like the availability of affordable accommodation options, discounted student rates for transportation, and the presence of budget-friendly supermarkets contribute to making Bangor a feasible choice.

Factors Influencing Cost Of Living In Bangor 

The cost of living in Bangor is greatly influenced by a variety of factors according to their lifestyle and needs. Here are some key factors that can impact the cost of living for students in Bangor:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food & Groceries
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Health care expenses
  • Study supplies
  • Miscellaneous costs

How To Save Money As A Student In Bangor?

Saving money as a student in Bangor is bound to be challenging due to the higher living costs and several associated expenses. However, with careful planning and strategic spending habits, there can certainly be potential for savings. Here are some helpful and practical tips:

  • Opt for purpose-built student accommodations as they are inclusive of the utility bills in the property pricing which makes them cost-effective and convenient.
  • Travel through public transportation to reach your university campus and explore areas within and around the city.
  • Leverage your university library resources such as textbooks and online study materials.
  • It is ideal to ask for student discounts and deals at restaurants, retail outlets and gym memberships.
  • Avoid eating out frequently and opt for home-cooked meals to adapt to a healthy lifestyle along with maximising savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bangor a good place to live?

Bangor is a relaxed coastal town with stunning scenery, great education and a large student population which makes it a desirable place to reside in.

Is Bangor a small city?

Bangor is the oldest city in Wales and one of the smallest cities in the United Kingdom.

What is the average monthly cost of living for a student in Bangor?

The average monthly cost of living for a student in Bangor ranges between £1,200 – £1,700 on food, transportation, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses.

How much does student accommodation cost in Bangor?

The cost of student accommodation in Bangor can range from £100 to £199 per week for purpose-built student accommodations, which is around £400 – £800 per month. On-campus accommodation at Bangor University will cost around £1,023 per month.

How much is the cost for food and groceries in Bangor?

A normal weekly grocery budget of £25 – £35 allows for inexpensive home-cooked meals. Eating out at affordable restaurants or takeaways costs around £5 – £10 per meal.